Robot Review: Runaway

Robot Review: October 23, 2018

Runaway - Tom Selleck as Sgt. Ramsay at Robot Construction Site

The movie Runaway (1984) has two big things going for it – the robots and the people.

The Robots

Set in the not-to-distant future, Runaway takes place in a time where robots have become a trusted part of everyday life. Housekeeper robots, office robots, farming robots, construction robots – all types of robots are everywhere.

We also get to know some of the robots that are used by the villains, such as insect robots that inject acid and then explode (shown below), mini-mobile bomb robots that can drive on freeways at 60 MPH and heat-seeking robot bullets that track their targets based on unique body heat signatures.

Insect robots in the movie Runaway, 1984

The People

In the cast we have some familiar faces.

Tom Selleck, who at the time was already four years into his hit TV show Magnum P.I., plays Sgt. Jack Ramsay, a robot specialist on the police force. All of his cases involve malfunctioning, or runaway, robots.

However Ramsay finds himself on his biggest and most deadly case yet, when he discovers a diabolical plan by evil scientist Dr. Luther to create and mass produce malicious circuit chips that cause everyday robots to kill.

Gene Simmons as Dr. Charles Luther in Runaway, 1984

Gene Simmons, from the rock band K.I.S.S., plays the villain Dr. Charles Luther (shown above). Runaway was his first major acting role, and he would continue to play the bad guy in many of his future film appearances. His next acting job following Runaway was a guest starring part on the TV series Miami Vice in 1985.

Kirstie Alley, who would go on to play Rebecca Howe on the TV show Cheers a few years after Runaway, is Dr. Luther’s sidekick Jackie Rogers. A few years before Runaway she appeared in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, as the female Vulcan Saavik.

G.W. Bailey plays Sgt. Ramsay’s boss, the Chief of Police. Bailey also appeared in another popular robot film – Short Circuit. You might also recognize Bailey as Capt. Harris from the Police Academy movies.

One additional recognizable name involved in this film is author and filmmaker Michael Crichton. Written and directed by Crichton, Runaway shares a similar theme to the first feature film he directed – Westworld – which also tells a story of robots-gone-haywire scenario.

Runaway has a lot of other fun things going for it too. The crazy space jazz synthesizer soundtrack gives the movie a futuristic sound. And you can’t beat the awkward father/son dialogue between widower Sgt. Ramsay and his ten year old son.

But the robots are the highlight, specifically because they are old school special effects – real, electro-mechanical models that someone could build in their basement or garage.

These are the kind of robots that you could actually envision existing in the near future, rolling around the house or office and talking in choppy sentences with a digitized voice (or in the case of the insect robots, crawling up your leg and injecting you with acid).

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