Film and Television Producer Gale Anne Hurd

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Producer and writer Gale Anne Hurd sat down at Marc Maron’s WTF podcast to talk about her long and successful career in film and television. A career that includes such Robots-in-Film favorites as Battle Beyond the Stars, Virus, Aliens and several Terminator projects.

The conversation was a fascinating peak into Hollywood and how some of the biggest Science Fiction movies of all time got made.

Right out of college, Hurd worked as an assistant for legendary filmmaker Roger Corman, eventually learning a variety of aspects of film production at his studio.

Filmmaker Jim Cameron was also working for Corman around that time. When Hurd met Cameron, he was an Art Director and model builder for the 1980 film Battle Beyond the Stars (also Hurd was the Assistant Production Manager for the film).

By 1982, Jim Cameron had finished the screenplay for The Terminator, and agreed to work with Hurd and her newly formed production company to get the film made.

Their partnership continued through the 1980s, working together on more Terminator projects, Aliens and underwater special effects extravaganza The Abyss.

Hurd’s production company has since made dozens of films over the years including:

  • Alien Nation: (1988) Starring James Caan and Mandy Patinkin
  • Tremors: (1990) Now a long-running film series starring Michael Gross
  • Raising Cane: (1992) Directed by Brian DePalma
  • Mega-hit Armageddon: (1998) Starring Bruce Willis and directed by Michael Bay

More recent projects include some of the early 2000s Marvel superhero films such as Hulk and The Punisher, as well as the long-running zombie apocalypse series The Walking Dead.