G   ·  Television  ·  1977 

1970s   Comedy   Family    

Mystery Island was a serial shown on each episode of the Skatebirds TV series.

A plane and its crew, including a robot named P.O.P.S., are forced to land on a mystery island by the evil genius Doctor Strange. His plan is to kidnap the robot and use it as part of his plan for world domination.

You might recognize P.O.P.S. as The Robot B9 from the TV show Lost in Space. Also The Robonic Stooges got its start as a serial on the Skatebirds before becoming its own TV series.

The Skatebirds (Mystery Island) robot TV show
Robot Cast
P.O.P.S. Frank Welker
Non-Robot Cast
Doctor Strange Michael Kermoyan
Chuck Kelly Stephen Parr
Sue Corwin Lynn Marie Johnston
Sandy Corwin Larry Volk
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