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1970s   Action-Adventure      

In the Death Probe episodes, Steve Austin battles two versions of a deadly killing machine.

In Season 4, a Russian made intelligent space probe crashes in Wyoming and threatens a local town. In Season 5, a new version of the probe again again threatens to cause deadly havoc.

S4:E13 – Death Probe (Part 1)
S4:E14 – Death Probe (Part 2)
S5:E14 – Return of the Death Probe (Part 1)
S5:E15 – Return of the Death Probe (Part 2)

The Six Million Dollar Man - Death Probe Episodes
Robot Cast
Death Probe (Season 4)  
Death Probe (Season 5)  
Non-Robot Cast
Steve Austin Lee Majors
Oscar Goldman Richard Anderson
Dr. Rudy Wells Martin E. Brooks
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