NR  ·  Television  ·  1981 

1980s   Drama   Family    

Only one episode was produced of this spin-off from the long-running Doctor Who television series. It starred Doctor Who’s robotic dog K-9 and reporter Sarah Jane Smith.

It’s almost Christmas as Sarah takes a trip to her Aunt Lavinia’s home and finds the Doctor has left her K-9 as a gift. A mystery is soon underway and Sarah and K-9 must race to stop a ritual sacrifice by a local coven.

A highlight of the episode is K-9 attempting to sing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”.

K-9 and Company robot TV show
Robot Cast
K-9 (voice) John Leeson
Non-Robot Cast
Sarah Jane Smith Elisabeth Sladen
Brendan Richards Ian Sears
George Tracey Colin Jeavons
Aunt Lavinia Mary Wimbush
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