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2000s   Comedy      

How I Met Your Mother follows the lives of a group of young friends in New York in the years before lead character Ted Mosby gets married.

(Season 5, Episode 22, Robots Vs. Wrestlers)
The gang is offended when Ted decides to stay at a swanky party instead of going to a Robots vs. Wrestlers event.

(S2:E9 Slap Bet, S3:E16 Castles in the Sand, S6:E9 Glitter)
Barney discovers that Robin was a teen singer named Robin Sparkles in the 80s & finds some of her music videos.

How I Met Your Mother
Robot Cast
Omnibot 2000  
Robot Wrestlers  
Non-Robot Cast
Ted Mosby Josh Radnor
Robin Scherbatsky Cobie Smulders
Marshall Eriksen Jason Segel
Barney Stinson Neil Patrick Harris
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