TV-G  ·  Television  ·  1991 

1990s   Comedy   Family    

(Season 3, Episode 7: Robo-Nerd) Everyone’s favorite nerd, Steve Urkel, decides to build a robotic version of himself.

(Season 3, Episode 23: Robo-Nerd II) Urkel-Bot is back, and this time he’s fighting crime as Carl’s partner on the police force.

Family Matters (Robo-Nerd) robot TV show
Robot Cast
Urkel-Bot Michael ‘Shrimp’ Chambers
Laura-Bot Ron Smith
Non-Robot Cast
Steve Urkel Jaleel White
Laura Lee Winslow Kellie Shanygne Williams
Carol Winslow Reginald VelJohnson
Harriette Winslow JoMarie Payton
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