NR  ·  Television  ·  1979 

1970s   Action-Adventure      

Pilot Captain Buck Rogers is launched into space in 1987. During the mission the ship’s system accidentally puts him into a state of suspended animation.

500 years later, Buck awakes on Earth in the year 2491 – the 25th century – and becomes a pilot in the Earth Defense Directorate, the military organization that defends future Earth against the evil Draconian Empire.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
Robot Cast
Twiki (voice) Mel Blanc / Chris Lorch
Twiki (body) Felix Silla
Dr. Theopolis Eric Server
Crichton Jeff David
Non-Robot Cast
Capt. William “Buck” Rogers Gil Gerard
Col. Wilma Deering Erin Gray
Dr. Elias Huer Tim O’Connor
Hawk Thom Christopher
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