G   ·  Movie  ·  2008 

2000s   Action-Adventure   Animation   Family  

After exhausting the livability of Earth hundreds of years ago, mankind now lives in space. WALL&#183E is the last functioning garbage stacking robot left on a deserted Earth.

One day a robot probe name EVE arrives to scan the planet for life and WALL&#183E becomes very fond of her. When she is called back to her spaceship, WALL&#183E follows her into space and finds himself on an unexpected adventure to help bring life back to Earth again.

Robot Cast
WALL&#183E Ben Burtt
EVE Elissa Knight
AUTO Sigourney Weaver
M-O Ben Burtt
Non-Robot Cast
Captain Jeff Garlin
Shelby Forthright (BnL CEO) Fred Willard
John John Ratzenberger
Mary Kathy Najimy
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