NR  ·  Movie  ·  1927 

1920s   Drama   Foreign    

Metropolis, from German director Fritz Lang, has the distinction of being the first film with a robot character. The film was not well received in its initial release, but it has since become the defining science fiction motion picture in the history of film.

In a futuristic society, cities are divided by class. The wealthy live comfortably above ground and the workers suffer in the factories and industrial districts underground. The son of a wealthy aristocrat discovers the horrors of the workers existence and sets out to help improve their lives.

Metropolis, German Movie Poster, 1926
Robot Cast
Robot Maria Brigitte Helm
Non-Robot Cast
Freder Gustav Fröhlich
Maria Brigitte Helm
Joh Fredersen Alfred Abel
Rotwang Rudolf Klein-Rogge
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